NYOH Acupuncture Clinic -  New York City Midtown Center
Welcome to New York Acupuncture Services

Are you suffering pain, fatigue or any stubborn health problem?
Have you ever failed on healing with conventional medicine?
Have you ever experienced side-effects from prescription drugs?
Have you already given up hope on treating your multiple illnesses?
You have no reason to suffer further!
Acupuncture is your best alternative solution.
It is completely Drug Free, Highly Safe and Very Effective in our special clinic.
It benefits on your whole body system without any side-effects.
We care about your health.
We provide quality treatment with plan at your convenience.
Dr. Hongxing Wang, licensed acupuncturist, MD in China, has been practicing acupuncture, herbal medicine and integrative medicine for over 30 years.
He has developed well-respected reputation in the field. He is dedicated
to helping patients gain fast healing and return to optimal health.

Our clinic has great success in helping thousands of patients with their allergy, depression, anxiety, insomnia, infertility issue, , and so on...
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Feedback from our Patients

1. The doctor was great and I am looking forward for the next session!
2.  Excellent  acupuncturist, excellent care, very friendly atmosphere.
3. Love love his work! He is honest professional trustworthy. I give him
    a 5 star rating.